Chip Family Support Group

CHIP Family Support Group Geelong (CFSGG) Inc.

The CHIP Family Support Group Geelong (CFSGG) is an incorporated group which supports families of gifted children who live in the Greater Geelong region. Our volunteer committee runs events each month to provide a stimulating environment for our children to meet other ‘like-minded’ children. This social activity is important for CHIP as a single school may only ever have a handful of high-IQ students (top 5-10%) at any one time.

Our objectives are to:

  • Support parents of children of high intellectual potential
  • Encourage the development and education of children of high intellectual potential
  • Foster the special talents and interests of its members
  • Provide an opportunity for children to interact with like-minded peers
  • Advance education, the arts and science
  • Promote life skills
  • Ensure events run as not-for-profit

To this end, the committee aims to run workshops and/or parent forums on a monthly basis during the school year. Events are announced by email to our members’ mailing list.

Become a member:

Membership is restricted to the families of CHIP, formally identified through assessment conducted at The CHIP Centre.

Send your completed Membership application (download below) to The CHIP Centre for consideration by the committee – a once-off membership fee of $20 applies.

Members receive:

  • Subsidised access to around 10 activities per year (places are usually offered to non-members as well but at full price and once members have had first option)
  • Targeted invites to member-only special events
  • CHIP Chat newsletter
  • Website resources
Download the Membership Application
Download the Membership Renewal Form